Some years ago I saw a video and images of this bicycle that broke the world speed record, this was a Kamikaze mountain bike with a very small rocket engine built by Arnold Neracher and he got the new speed record.

Now several years later they built another bike with a cluster of three small rockets

This is the video of the run of his new rocket bike with a cluster of three rocket engines

I was invited to do a presentation in the engineers symposium that will be in Acapulco, Mexico this September and my friend Lalo asked me to present something simple to show the power of the hydrogen peroxide and he had the idea to mount one of my small helicopter rocket engines into his mountain bike, mmmmmm!.

The idea sound fun but I though "why build a slow fun rocket bicycle if I can make a bicycle that will break the world speed record and I can set up the power I want to go to any speed I want" and I decided to make the world's fastest bicycle with a rocket engine five times more powerful than the rocket bike that actually holds the record in monopropellant mode and with ten times the power in hybrid rocket mode, so I started by buying the best and strongest mountain bike, I built a custom tank and designed a special rocket engine for this bicycle and this is the result!!.

The fastest bicycle in the world

Video of the test

I started by welding and making the fuel tank

Then I built the pickup tube with the cap and the fittings welded to be sure that all the fuel is consumed in the tank

This is the basic rocket engine with the fuel tank and the support braces for the rocket engine and the control valve

Here I did the hydrostatic test of the rocket engine and the tank at 1000 psi. they will operate at 500 and 300 psi so this is am ample safety margin.

This is the rocket bicycle ready to be tested statically, I need to change the tires by ones that will support the high speed.

This is the new frame with a lower center of thrust, more rake angle and trail at the front suspension, larger wheel base and solid rear.

This will make it a lot more stable ride at high speed.