Rocket Belt

TAM is the first and only company in the world that produces a complete package of a custom designed Rocket Belt using the most advanced technology and aerospace materials with the special distillation machine to produce your own rocket grade fuel hydrogen peroxide.

TAM have built and flight more Rocket Belts than any other company or individual in the world, even more than the original Bell company.

We are the only company that can make a custom Rocket Belt with the next options:

  • Long, medium and short down tubes to accommodate any kind of flight characteristics, balance, flight stability and perfect control.

  • Three different rocket engine and frame geometry to accommodate any pilot weight

  • Five different control valves and flow rates

  • Five different nozzle configurations

  • Three sizes of peroxide tank capacities

  • Universal fit or custom made carbon fiber corset

  • Exclusive head up display electronic control timer made by TAM

  • Hands on training on the fuel process and the equipment

  • Basic flight training of five flights in your own rocket belt

  • Expert support 24/7 about any problem of the equipment

This is the kind of flying machine that millions of people saw in the James Bond 007 movies flown by Bill Suitor and at the opening ceremony of the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 also flown by Bill Suitor.

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The Rocket Belt is the most spectacular flying machine ever developed, period! It is a small personal propulsion device strapped to the back of an individual, enabling a man or woman to rapidly and safely fly or leap over short distances like small rivers or ravines , landing upright.

During the early 1960's the U.S. military seriously studied these devices as potential aids for combat soldiers to use in tight tactical situations and to cross mined fields.

The idea of a workable rocket belt is credited to Wendell Moore, an engineer working at Bell Aerosystems and the design of the rocket power unit is credited to James C. McCormick of Buffalo NY.
The Army negotiated with Bell for the fabrication of the SRLD (small rocket lifting device) and a contract was awarded to the Army's Transportation, Research and Engineering Command (TRECOM) for military feasibility studies and trials. Moore was named, Bell's Technical Director for the project. Under the contract, a 280-lb thrust rocket motor was made and tested. 90% Hydrogen Peroxide was chosen as the safest fuel for personnel use as no combustion took place. There was only expulsion of highly pressurized oxygen and water vapor, while the operator wore a form-fitting fiberglass corset for safety.

Many tethered flights were conducted, with Moore as the operator, at the Bell plant at Buffalo.

Harold Graham, was the first pilot in the world to perform a rocket belt free flight, on April 20, 1961.

After 36 tethered flights, Graham flew freely successfully at 7 to 10-mph, for 13 seconds, over a distance of 112 feet.

That first rocket belt cost Bell Aerosystems $380,000 dollars in 1960!!! Adjusted for inflation, this would be many millions of dollars today.

The 20 + second duration of the rocket fuel required for the belt was found to be too short-lived for the device to be practical for combat, and the idea was abandoned. However this machine proved to be a fantastic and spectacular crowd pleaser for promotions and advertising.

Four Rocket belts where produced by Bell, one was destroyed and the other three are in museums in the US.

In the James Bond movie it was used one of the original Bell Rocket Belts flown by Bill Suitor and in the opening ceremony of the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 the Rocket Belt that was flown was the Tyler Rocket Belt also flown by Bill Suitor, the Tyler Rocket Belt was a copy of the original Bell built by the inventor Nelson Tyler from California, after the Olympic Games Tyler sold his Rocket Belt to a company in Europe that later sold it again to Tyler's pilot Kinnie Gibson and for many years the Tyler Rocket Belt was the only Rocket Belt flying in the world until 2005 that TAM ended with this monopoly.

Videos of the Rocket Belt in flight

Isabel Lozano
Fist woman in the world to fly a Rocket Belt.

Video of my first flight

This is a video of my first flight, you can see the great stability at the take off and this is thanks to my new design that is the first in the world to fly with this new configuration and design .

Video of one of the Popular Science flights

The photographer wanted several take offs and landings instead of larger time flights, this was my 5º flight

This was my first free flight in the white and blue rocket belt after only 14 tethered flights and this is thanks to my new design that is super stable and easier to fly.
I don't know any other rocket belt pilot that have flown free after only 14 flights in the tether trainer.

First free flight in the white / blue rocket belt, I weight 230 lbs. and the rocket belt have a lot of power to lift me at 3/4 of the power setting.

Videos of the Rocket Belt I built for David Mayman

Videos of some of the flights done by the Go Fast Rocket Belt

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