The first "Rocketwoman" in the world to fly in a Rocket Belt!

Isabel Lozano from Cuernavaca, México at the age of 29 flew a Rocket Belt for the first time on Aug. 11, 2006. She was the first woman in the world to do so and the event was witnessed by millions of TV spectators.

This Rocket Belt was custom-built for her by her father and it started by doing a plaster mold of her body to make the carbon fiber corset. The rocket engine also was customized for her weight.

All the pilots that have flown a Rocket Belt start tethered until they have become accustomed to the feeling of the controls. Only then can they fly free because the Rocket Belt can be difficult to control and requires a lot of practice to master it. To give you some idea, Harold Graham, the first Rocket Belt pilot in the world flew 36 tethered flights before his first free flight. After that flight he did 25 free practice flights before he did his first public flight.

See the Media, Publications and News pages to see the different TV programs and documentaries that will be broadcasted around the word in programs like Discovery Channel, "These Amazing People", ProSieven TV, BBC, News and interviews.

Video of her first flight in a Rocket Belt

You can see how stable is the flight and how she has total control of the jetovators that actuate vertical axis spin control. Thanks to this unique design, this Rocket Belt is the easiest of all rocket belts to fly.

In her second flight she reached an altitude of 18 feet with total control.

In one of the TV programs you will see how the power setting was to high and she flew pass the limit of the tether making the safety cable a loose loop but she maintained the control in a stable flight.

Isabel Lozano on PM Science Magazine from Germany

Isabel on the December 2006 issue of PM Science Magazine as a superstar for being the first and only woman in the world that have flown a Rocket Belt, next to Harold Graham and Bill Suitor the masters of the Rocket Belt, Harold for being the very first pilot of the Rocket Belt and Bill Suitor because he have several records in the Rocket Belt including more flights ever flown in a Rocket Belt, altitude, speed, etc. etc..

The complete article will be published here after two months the magazine is published.

This is her Rocket Belt

Preparing Isabel for her first flight on Aug. 11, 2006, I had to check that everything fit and worked perfectly well and without any flaw.

Millions of TV spectators witnessed this historic flight on National and International News.

Isabel making history as the first "Rocketwoman" in the world to fly a Rocket Belt.

Isabel Lozano, the first and only woman in the world to fly a Rocket Belt is proudly Mexican!!

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